Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Plant physiology

One of the leading plant physiology textbooks, called, not surprisingly, Plant Pysiology, by Taiz and Zeiger, has quite a bit of material online including supplementary essays that are perfect for this class. Take a moment to read one, or more...

Essay 4.1, A Brief History of the Study of Water Movement in the Xylem - Hanno Richter, University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna, and Pierre Cruiziat, PIAF-INRA-UBP, France
(August 2002)

Essay 4.2, The Cohesion–Tension Theory at Work - Pierre Cruiziat, PIAF-INRA-UBP, France, and Hanno Richter, University of Agricultural Sciences, Vienna
(May 2006)

Essay 4.3, How Water Climbs to the Top of a 112 Meter-Tall Tree - George Koch, Northern Arizona University; Stephen Sillett and Gregg Jennings, Humboldt State University; Stephen Davis, Pepperdine University
(May 2006)

Essay 4.4, Cavitation and Refilling - James K. Wheeler and N. Michele Holbrook, Department of Organismic and Evolutionary Biology, Harvard University
(March 2007)

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