Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Closer to us than we may think

Chimpanzees have long been considered one of the closest species to our own and recent insight into chimp society has further pushed the association.  A gang of chimpanzees were captured on video overtaking their alpha male.  This was spurred after the second-ranking male fled a fight with the alpha male and "four others charged and beat" the alpha male.

Wilson says "male chimps compete for access to small numbers of females, so they have an incentive to kill each other. But rival groups sometimes attack them, so they also have a reason to keep their fellow males around for support. It is a trade-off. Kaburu says Pimu's group did not have close neighbours, so the other males may have been less worried about outside threats."

Watch the interview of the event here:
Read the whole article here: Gang of chimanzees kill their alpha male

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