Wednesday, March 13, 2013

How's This for Intimidation?

This frog creates one of the most adorable squeaking sounds. Although this noise tends to make people smile or laugh, it's real function is to deter predators from eating this tiny two inch Namaqua Rain Frog.  In addition to the sounds it makes this frog is also able to inflate its body as another form of intimidation to predators. Hopefully viewing an adorable little frog can help alleviate some of that dead week stress!

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Chia-In Jane Lin said...

Oh my gosh!! That was cute. And the frog looks like the microbe plushies that John showed us. Moving on to the serious stuff. It could be that the frog evolved to use that frequency of sound to intimidate predators because, to the predator, it comes out as being a really scary, loud noise. Or maybe the frog has a Napoleon complex. :-)