Thursday, April 7, 2011

How to post to the Blog

This information will be archived as one of the links on the right hand side.

You all received an invitation to join the blog at the start of the Winter quarter. If you need me to send a new invite just let me know.
The invite comes as an e-mail from google with the heading: 'You have been invited to contribute to John Latto's blog'
This will contain a link. (The information that follows is what I think happens but if it is different just follow the instructions). If you click on the link you will have two choices:
If you already have a Google account just log in with your username and password and follow the instructions.
If you don't have a Google account then click the link to sign up for an account. This requires very little in the way of information - just a valid e-mail, the password you want, and the name you want to use. I think you will then get sent an e-mail with a link to click on to validate your account.
If you haven't received that e-mail then check your spam folder since it is an automated e-mail it may have been filtered out as spam.

Adding posts is really easy. Starting from scratch you would go to:
and sign in at the top with your Google username and password.

You should then see the dashboard with the EEMB40 Blog. Click on 'New Post' and a simple word processor type screen will come up. Adding a text only post is as simple as typing it and hitting 'Publish Post'. You will probably also want to add links though (the whole point of the blog really) and adding links is very easy. Just highlight the text you want linked and click the word 'link' on the toolbar at the top of
the entry form. Just cut and paste the link in directly from your browser, including the http://.

Further buttons at  the top allow you to format the text, add pictures, spell check and, usefully, remove all the formatting from any section. You can preview posts before publishing them if you wish. Oh and the spellcheck is automatic and very easy to use but comes up with some very strange and amusing corrections for words it doesn't know. It is a good idea to test any links after you have posted to make sure they work (and work as you expect).

Let me know if you have any questions. Rather than give a big long tutorial on how to use the blog publisher  I suggest you just play with it and then ask questions. It is very easy to delete posts, and preview them before you publish, so you can practice without messing anything up. 

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