Wednesday, January 8, 2014

How to post

Here are further details on how to post to the blog (there's also a link on the right hand side) . But this one has added pictures! To illustrate how this works I invited my dog to join. This is what the e-mail looks like. I created a Gmail account for my dog and it didn't go in the spam folder there but you should check there if you didn't receive an invite.

Click on the link and you'll be taken to a page like this

If you already have any sort of account with Google (Google, G+, Blogger, Gmail) then you can probably just sign in on the right hand side. If you don't then click SIGN UP at the top right. This only takes a few minutes and very little personal information. (I managed to sign my dog up with no problems)

You should then be able to accept the invite. You can then either go straight to the blog or, once you are logged in, if you open the ccsblog in a separate window you should see that you are logged in at the top.

Now you can click on New Post (top right) and this will bring up a new window where you can compose your post.

Once you are done just hit the orange 'Publish' button. I've also highlighted the other two buttons you may want to use - to add a picture or a link.

It's that easy.

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