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Recommended courses

The CCS Biology List of Recommended Courses

This list is intended to supplement, and not replace, advice from your faculty advisors.  I asked, in particular, for recommended upper division courses suitable for Freshmen but there are some additional recommendations here, of breadth courses and others.

Comments have been edited for minor grammar changes and factual information only (eg course names, numbers and instructors). Send additional comments or recommendations to John Latto. This list is only as valuable as you make it.

LOWER DIVISION (especially the less obvious ones)

Memory: Bridging the Humanities and Neuroscience 

MCDB 27 or French 40X or Comparative Literature 27 (3 units)  Kenneth Kosik and Dominique Jullian       Winter
Course summary
Neurosciences now ask some of the same profound questions posed by writers, artists and philosophers for centuries, thus opening
surprising perspectives on memory and morality, dreams and perception, identity and agency. This course explores this emerging concordance.
What CCS students say
The teachers, Kosik and Julien, are wonderful and worked hard to put together a curriculum bridging science and literature. The class is a great lighter addition to a schedule but there is a significant amount of non-scientific reading involved. The class requires little prior knowledge of biology and if taken through the French or Comparative Literature Departments can serve as a breadth course

Biology of Cancer

MCDB 23 (3 units)         David Kohl          Fall
Course Summary
An introduction to developments regarding the etiology and treatment of various cancers. Lectures compare normal cells and tissues with those which have become malignant. Discussion of causes, treatment, and prevention of specific cancers.
What CCS Students say
I would recommend the Biology of Cancer class, I'm sure an incoming CCS freshman could handle it.

Public Speaking

Theater 65 (4 units)          Jody Enders
Course summary
Practical and historical introduction to the art of public speaking in a variety of contexts (legal, political, corporate, artistic, dramatic, educational, etc.). Main lecture focuses on critical and historical analysis of actual speeches; lab offers practical training in performing them.
What CCS students say
While not a biology course, it is great practice for becoming a confident presentation giver--a must if working in a lab...

Introductory Physics

Physics 6A,B,C (3 units each)          Robert Geller (6A and 6B)          Fall, Winter and Spring
Course summary
A. Mechanics.
B. Heat, thermodynamics, electricity, and magnetism.
C. Electromagnetic waves, optics, modern physics.
What CCS Students say
I took Physics 6 series my first year and I would recommend that because even though its not Bio or Chem, there are definitely areas that overlap and Geller is a good teacher and fair grader. Its not too tough and I think its a good idea to have a year of college physics under your belt.


Medical Microbiology

MCDB 139 (4 units)          Diane Eardley          Fall
Course summary
Study of the characteristics of bacteria and viruses, both pathogenic and adventitious, as they are associated with diseases of humans.
What CCS students say
Great for those who feel like they already have a good mcdb intro bio background. I took it with Diane Eardley (this was her last quarter teaching), but Sang Wei (I spelled that wrong) is a good teacher and has a good sense of humor (though I've heard her tests are infernally long.

Group Studies for Advanced Students:  Cell Biology 
Group Studies for Advanced Students:  Regenerative Medicine

MCDB 194X and MCDB 194 ? (2 units)         Kathy Foltz          
What CCS students say
Definitely take a MCDB 194X with Kathy Foltz--Regenerative Medicine and Cell Organelles were both great 

Models and Experiments

CS 101       Claudia Tyler          Fall and Winter
Course summary
Students will carry out individual research projects designed at the end of fall quarter with supervision of the instructor. In addition, we will meet as a group several times during the quarter to census class experiments and to discuss the progress of independent projects. A final written report, PowerPoint presentation, or poster on research findings will be required for all students taking the course for credit.
What CCS students say
I took the models and experiments class for three quarters, it was my best academic college experience so far. I ended up participating in the undergrad research symposium at the end of the year, presenting with my group. I ended up putting a lot of work into the class, but you only get out of it how much you're willing to put in.

Ecology of Running Waters

EEMB148 (4 units)          Tom Even          Winter
Course summary
Review of literature on the physics, chemistry, and biology of running water ecosystems.
What CCS students say
I would recommend taking Stream Ecology (EEMB 148) by Tom Even. He's a very good professor and the material he covers is interesting and accessible to students who have not taken an introduction to ecology class. In Stream Ecology, there are assigned readings for discussions sections for analysis. His exams are straight forward and he tells the students exactly what the tests are like. There may be difficulty getting into the class if they don't sign up during pass 1 because he is a very popular professor.

Applied Marine Ecology

EEMB152 (5 units)          Russ Schmidt and Andy Brooks        
Course summary
Introduction to the application of ecological principles and methods to environmental problems in marine habitats. Focus on problems that are local, regional, and global in scale. Concepts illustrated with case studies.
What CCS students say
For students who are interested in marine subjects because it is an interesting class and really gets students into thinking critically about a subject that they choose for a presentation at the end of the quarter. However, the work load is higher just because the class grade is based on your preparation for a presentation and the presentation itself which is in front of the class in an auditorium.

Tropical Ecology

EEMB159 (4 units)          Tom Even          Winter
Course summary
Examination of ecological processes in terrestrial and aquatic tropical environments.
What CCS students say
I would recommend taking Tropical Ecology by Tom Even. He's a very good professor and the material he covers is interesting and accessible to students who have not taken an introduction to ecology class. The work required in Tropical Ecology is in the discussion sections where there are three (I think) different scenarios to analyze statistically in pairs and produce reports, but it is straight forward.

Conservation Ecology

EEMB 168 (4 units)        John Latto          Fall
Course summary
An introduction to the practical application of biological principles to conserving biodiversity. Covers tools and theory derived from both ecology and evolutionary biology such as metapopulation theory and population viability analysis as applied to real world examples.
What CCS students say
Conservation Ecology is a great class.


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