Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Top Ten Evil animals

Time magazine has a 'Top Ten Evil Animals' list, and amidst the usual suspects (rats, bed bugs, tapeworms, humans etc) is the somewhat surprising panda.

The writing made me laugh:

What most people don't realize is that pandas have us duped. They are the one species in the animal kingdom that seem to live outside the realm of Darwinian science. Most creatures in the universe follow German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche's axiom: a creature "will strive to grow, spread, seize, become predominant... because it is living and because life simply is will to power." Pandas, though, didn't seem to get the memo. They have no will to live or reproduce. To this day, scientists have to perform grotesque procedures to keep the panda population from collapsing into oblivion. Forget about the fact that pandas are mean-spirited, mate-abusing, progeny-mauling, deviant monsters. Forget about the fact that these hoodlum bears have conned humanity with their supposed cuteness. The most evil thing about pandas? The cunning with which they expose the stupidity of us humanoids.

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Christine Rogers said...

So true! A friend and I were discussing the evility of pandas just the other day, and their continued existence despite their lack of Darwinian fitness was cited as a key characteristic to their insidiousness. Interesting to think of how we have international campaigns to eradicate guinea worms, but we spend immeasurable time, energy, and money to preserve the panda - perhaps because we think it's a tad cuter than the guinea worm.