Monday, May 16, 2011

Let Us Eat Fish?

I came across this really awesome ocean science blog, SeaMonster, via a really great Earth Day post from the blog that a friend of mine shared on Facebook: "A letter from your mother on Earth Day"

This blog is run by a group of ocean scientists and journalists. Dr. Steve Gaines, Dean of Bren School Of Environmental Science at UCSB whose lab I work in is a part of the committee of contributors/creators. Here is more about the blog and its creators/contributors.

I meant to post another one of the posts from the blog a while ago and never got around to it. The post was about the process of peer review and might interest any of you who are going to be submitting manuscripts in the near future, or are interested in an insider's look at the peer review process. Check out: "One reason I blog: no peer review"

Those are just a few of the interesting posts on this blog. However, the SeaMonster post that inspired me to make this post on the CCS Bio blog was a very interesting dialogue between some of the leading scientists in the fisheries community (and beyond) that was prompted by an op-ed piece in the New York Times, "Let Us Eat Fish" published April 14, 2011. Though the post "Forum on fish, food, and people" is a long read, it provides a very interesting look into the types of conversations that are taking place among top scientists, the level of uncertainty and lack of unity in hypotheses about future of the Earth's ecosystems, as well as providing a strong argument for how extremely important integration across disciplines is in addressing the impacts of climate change on ecosystems. As someone who eats a 95% vegetarian diet, with the exception being eating some fish and seafood on occasion, I found this debate really interesting and thought you might too.

Enjoy, and check out the blog for more awesome posts daily!

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