Thursday, May 5, 2011

Scientific Publishing from the Inside Out

Tomorrow (Friday, May 6, 2011) 11.30-12.30 p.m. in Bren Hall.
Sacha Vignieri, PhD, Associate Editor of SCIENCE
Scientific Publishing from the Inside Out

From the outside, publication in high-impact general-science journals can seem like a mysterious process. A general understanding of the procedures and practices at Science can help unravel the mystery a bit, and contribute to an understanding of what makes a good (or even great) paper a high-impact-journal paper. In particular, while many researchers strive to publish in these journals because of their high impacts, they are fundamentally general-science journals, and understanding this can help authors assess which aspects of their own work will be most successful in such outlets. I’ll discuss some of the inner workings of Science and provide insight for helping authors prepare and assess their own work for consideration in high-impact general-science publications.

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