Sunday, May 8, 2011

Zombie debate

I have the somewhat dubious pleasure of taking part in this event this year. Please come along if you'd like to see me defend biology as the only subject worth preserving come the zombocalypse.

AS Program Board Presents…


The world has been taken over by Zombies!!!! Only one academic subject can survive in the new Human Colony. The question is: Which subject should it be?

Come out to The Hub on Thursday, May 12th and watch some of your favorite UCSB professors debate this topic and defend their subject!

**Doors open at 7:45pm; the debate begins at 8pm.**

FREE for UCSB students only. You must bring your access card! 

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Brianne Billups said...

Hey John,

Check this out!
After our zombie discussion and learning about fungus and parasites, this may contribute to the win. If not, continue to resort to the beer brewing option. :)