Saturday, February 26, 2011

Competing sinks?

Just because two plants are sufficiently closely related to graft them together doesn't necessarily mean it's a good idea to graft them together.

I must confess that, beyond the novelty value, I don't quite get the amazing tomato-potato.

It seems more sensible from a plant physiology point of view to just plant a tomato next to a potato and have two sets of leaves each providing for one sink rather than have two large sinks competing for the same resources. I initially wondered if maybe the potatoes ripened first and then maybe the tomatoes but the inset photograph seems to show them both ripe together.

Given that tobacco is also in the Solanaceae family I wonder how long it will be before we see tomacco for real? Oh wait someone already did that.

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Anonymous said...

I grew these in 2011. I live in Michigan. I ordered from a catalog, I actually thought it was a scam but just had to try it. I put two plants in an old plastic barrel about the size of a whiskey barrel. I watered like any other potted veggy and fertilized with Tomato Tone. The tomatoes just kept popping. I plant about 6 varieties a year and these grafts easily were the most productive. Potatoes were about enough for a couple batches of potato salad. They were a conversation plant though. All my neighbors want them and I can't find a seller. I bought from GCspecials last year. They are out of business...I guess. Anyone know where I can get them this year?