Friday, February 25, 2011

CCS Bio Sweatshirts!

Hey guys!

I was thinking it would be cool to have a CCS bio sweatshirt so I decided to create a design, but I want your input on a few things. One, do you like it? Two, do you prefer the blue or yellow? If you would prefer like a cat or something please don't message me but if you have something constructive to add to the design definitely let me know. The yellow looks brighter and more legible as a computer image but they'll both look good when printed. Also, its only going to cost $20 hooray! My email is or you can find me on facebook if you have a question or suggestion. I'll bring all this to class on Tuesday and we can talk more about it. Have a good weekend ; )

Ella Bendrick-Chartier


Josh Cohen said...
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Josh Cohen said...

I like it! I'd buy one. I like the yellow better. (I'm a 4th year CCS Bio major)

Bettina Norton said...

i like it. but would go with green, since biology is all about life/growing green things. also, smaller font is great and a little less in your face. love the graphic.