Monday, October 20, 2008

CCS wireless network

For the Biology Colloquium on Wednesday you will be using your laptops in CCS. This will require us to access the CCS wireless network. If you have not already utilized this then some instructions are below. Provided you have a UCSBnetID you should be able to access the wireless network but the instructions vary a little according to your operating system. The second link below takes you to a library website that explains the setup for different operating systems (both windows and mac). If you are 'computer challenged' you may want to turn up early to get your network configured correctly before we start.


The CCS wireless is part of the "UCSB Wireless Web" network. Faculty, staff and students with a UCSBnetID can use this network.

To gain access select the "UCSB Wireless Web" from the control panel that controls your wireless web access.

Although we are not on the same network at the library, for your computer set-up the following instructions apply:

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