Sunday, April 20, 2008

Channel 4

People sometimes ask me what I miss about England. High on the list would be Channel 4, the inspiringly named fourth TV station in England which was set up with a remit which required them to provide programming to minority groups. This made it a very strange TV station and you never never knew what was coming next. Well, unless you looked at a TV guide, then you did. Anyway I shouldn't be surprised that Channel 4 made a series of 3 programs out of Olivia Judson's book 'Dr Tatiana's sex advice to all creation' that I mentioned in a post below. It only just occurred to me to search YouTube to see if there were any clips and I'm happy to say there are a couple. That's the author herself as presenter - you never know where a career in biology might take you. I like the way the presentation and even the tone makes it sound like they are going for cheap titillation but the science all sounds good to me. There's some amusing British euphemisms for sex, and sexual parts too.

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