Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Pestilence wort

Commonly known as bog rhubarb, devil’s hat, pestilence wort or, simply, common butterbur, Petasites hybridus is native to Europe and northern Asia (though it is now established in some areas of North America). It is primarily found in areas with wet soil, like many other Petasites species.

A favorite Botany site is the Botany photo of the day from the University of British Columbia Botanical Garden. They always seem to have some new interesting plant fact with some great photographs

Plants may not have the cute behavior of animals but they are sure good at staying still while people photograph them. Well, except when it's windy....

There are lots of interesting photographs and stories at this site. If you are familiar with the cork oak outside UCSB library (at the corner of the library nearest the bike path) you might be interested to see how a harvested cork oak looks. They only harvest the cork every decade but the harvest from a single tree can be up to a tonne!

Note the taxonomic index on the right hand side of the page which allows you to jump straight to pictures of mosses, ferns, liverworts, plants and insects etc etc.

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