Friday, January 10, 2014

MBARI: Sea Exploration Opportunity

Ever been interesting in working with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute? I know I have!

Well here is our big chance as undergrads.  Every summer MBARI holds a ten week program where students get the opportunity to work with staff on a self-chosen topic. There are a number of equally rad projects from evaluating deep sea critters to reprogramming AUVs.
$500/week!! (June 9 – August 15, 2014) 

Launching ROV Doc Ricketts

For the full list of potential projects:

Interns must decide on a general topic but can suggest research ideas within the area.  The project must be able to be completed by the end of the ten weeks and any published work will be co-authored with mentor.

Application information (due Feb 13th) can be found at:

I couldn't find the name of this one, so comment if you know!
The only catch, our spring quarter ends a week into the program!  Mega bummer.  My suggestion would be to email the program coordinator George Matsumoto expressing interest in the internship, explaining the schedule overlap, and asking if the program would accommodate for this situation. If you do end up receiving a response, please post it as a comment.

This is a wonderful opportunity for research experience and mentorship!


Jessica Bullington said...

Feedback from Mr. Matsumoto looks promising! The intern would begin the following week.

Mona Luo said...

I think it is a basket star, Related to brittle stars.