Thursday, June 8, 2017

This isn't directly related to biology but it is a thing that just happened and its an incredibly cool feat and testament to the crazy complexity and ability of the human body. So Kristen and I rock climb (generally bouldering without harnesses on a 12 foot wall) and so related to that, this rock climber, Alex Honnold, just basically did what we do, but on a way more insane scale. 

Steps for fully fathoming what this amazing man's body is doing:
1) Take that 12 foot wall that Kristen and I are climbing and then multiply that by 250 (!!!).
2) Take a breath down here at 35cm (give or take) above sea level. Then picture what it's like to breathe at 7000ft above sea level (the top of El Capitan is at 7569 feet above sea level). For reference,  Acute Mountain Sickness symptoms may set in at any altitude above an average of 6,000 feet, information that can be found through any basic google search.
3) Now picture what its like to breathe for the last 1500ft of a 3000ft climb above an altitude of 6000ft while wedged into a crack in natural rock with all of your muscles engaged at one point or another keeping you from falling.

Hopefully you have envisioned all of these things and are now not having a panic attack but most importantly recognizing the amazing, crazy way our muscular, skeletal, nervous, respiratory, circulatory and all the rest are working synergistically to get this man up the wall.

Also everyone should try rock climbing because it is a fun way to make friends and stay healthy and accomplish really cool things!!

Watch Alex on part of his journey up this crazy wall

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