Thursday, June 8, 2017

Kylie back at it again with a walking fish!!!!!

As the provider of all things marine (whether you like it or not), I am back at it this quarter with yet another fish that appears to walk across the substrate (as a reference, last quarter I bestowed upon you all facts about the lobe-finned frogfish).

This quarter I bring to you *myyyysteryyyyy* in the form of what experts are potentially labeling as some species of stingfish, although without direct examination of the organism, it is unclear what exactly this bi-pedal creature is. As shown in the video (linked below), this little guy uses modified, crab-leg-esque pectoral fin appendages (that was a mouthful) to scuttle along the substrate. If this is in fact a species of stingfish, this organism possesses nasty spines that can stab and inject a venom into whomever is the unfortunate fool to touch them.

Watch the video for cool footage of this little guy as well as some cool facts:

Mysterious stingfish(?)

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