Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Attention all Coffee and/or Tea Lovers!!

Do you love starting the day with a nice hot cup of coffee? Or, perhaps, ending a long day at work with a sweet cup of tea? Do you happen to dislike chronic liver disease, the 12th leading cause of death in the world?

Then this article is for you!!!

A recent study in New Amsterdam of 2000+ adults (over the age of 45) tested the effects of coffee and tea on healthiness of the liver. The study predicted that drinking coffee or tea daily may prevent stiffness and scarring in the liver, helping to protect against liver fibrosis. People were split into groups of heavy vs moderate coffee drinkers, heavy vs moderate tea drinkers, and neither coffee or tea drinkers, and the scar tissue and health states of their livers were analyzed. The data collected showed that frequent coffee and tea drinkers had "significantly lower odds of high liver stiffness values independent of lifestyle, metabolic and environmental traits."

Although there are more than 100 components in coffee, making it difficult to tell what causes these effects on the liver, I think it's safe to say that coffee just got even more fantastic. I'll drink (coffee and/or tea) to that!!!

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