Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fancy New Species

Hey guys!
So after Claudia talked about the cool new species in class I did some research to see what else was discovered recently.
My personal favorites are

Lasiognathus Dinema - this is a type of Angler fish living at depths below 500m. The thing that drew me to this was how crazy it looked! I feel like most biologists have an idea of what an angler fish is supposed to look like (especially with movies like Finding Nemo) but check this out!

Lasiognathus dinema, female about 30 mm long. Image credit: Theodore Pietsch.

It was discovered very recently so there aren't really any papers on it, but here's an article talking about its discovery.

Phyllopteryx Dewysea - also known as the Ruby Seadragon. Not only does this look pretty cool since it is related to seahorses, but it is only known from 4 preserved specimens!

Image result for Phyllopteryx dewysea

Recently it was found in the ocean and they actually got a video of it! Check out the video here.

Anyways, I thought these were pretty cool. Unfortunately there isn't too much research on either of these due to a lack of availability (only 4 ruby seadragons found, and the angler fish is super deep and very rare/hard to find) but hey if you're interested it seems like a cool area of research!

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