Thursday, April 13, 2017

Octopusnuff part 2

The following paper may be inappropriate for people who think dolphins are kind and gentle creatures and/or people who really like octopuses and/or dolphins.

Things I did not know a few minutes ago:

1. Dolphins predate octopuses
2. There is a field of study called "prey handling" which is about how predators kill their prey
3. There have been observed cases where still kind of alive octopuses have suffocated dolphins trying to eat them.

Of course, there is some ecological analysis included about where (in more costal waters over sand, mud, and slit) and why dolphins are eating octopuses (likely because octopuses are the deadly kale of the marine world and because in the spring they are less equipped to fight back since they've been brooding).

And of course, this study took place in Australia.

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