Monday, March 13, 2017

Update: global warming Is still screwing up the oceans!

     In case you were still doubting the effects of lovely global warming, here's just another thing it's doing to our beautiful earth. In a recent study published on ( it was found that the oceans are actually losing oxygen content. This is caused by the increase in temperature of oceans which decreases oxygen solubility and, therefore, oxygen content available to organisms.
      It currently seems to be about a 2% overall decrease and even 4% in some areas and is predicted in the study to decrease by 7% by the year 2100. "That's not such a big number!", you might say. You'd be wrong in saying that. Even a 2% decrease in oxygen levels can throw off an entire ecosystem and keep large organisms like sharks, which need more oxygen, from succeeding in their environment and may force them to move to other areas. This clearly poses an issue for the balance of ocean ecosystems and is yet another reason to attempt to decrease our carbon footprint on earth. This issue could raise future evolutionary research as well on how species may evolve to survive using less oxygen, or even split off from a low oxygen environment to populate an area with higher oxygen levels and change the ecosystem there (like the happy rafting lizard).
     Reduce, reuse, recycle, save the ocean oxygen levels.
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