Friday, March 17, 2017

Just when you thought designer babies were a thing of the future...

The concept of designer babies has been a hot topic for quite some time, ever since we realized we would one day have the technology to engineer human beings. However, this has mostly been a moral debate of what we would do "when that day comes." Well ladies and gentleman, it seems that "that day" may be upon us, arriving earlier than at least I had expected.

Just about a week ago, on March 9th, the UK granted Britain's Newcastle University scientists a license to use DNA from three people to create babies. You may be wondering: why would they do this?? The idea is to keep women with mitochondrial diseases from passing them onto their fetuses. Scientists take the nucleus of an egg from the prospective mother and insert it into an egg from the donor, in which the nucleus has been removed and BAM! no mitochondrial disease is getting passed on to that fetus!! However, it looks like UK scientists aren't the first to try this. Last year, doctors from the US announced that they successfully created one of these babies in Mexico where the practice is legal.

The creation of these babies raises many ethical questions and has already sparked much debate and controversy. So you must ask yourself: Has science gone too far? Are these really designer babies? Are we playing God? And even if we are, at what point do the moral costs outweigh the benefits to human health and well-being?

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