Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Bitten by a spider? You're probably wrong!

Whenever I talk about spiders with people (as one often does), about 10% of the time someone will bring up an anecdote about waking up with spider bites. I'm sure many of you have heard such stories as well, or maybe see yourselves as victims of spider bites. However, unless you actually saw the spider bite you, what you assume to be a spider bite is probably anything but. As this article perfectly explains, most reported spider bites turn out to be false alarms, and even genuine spider bites are usually no cause for panic.
Some highlights:

  • Out of 182 SoCal patients who claimed to be spider bite victims, only 3.8% were actually bitten by spiders
  • 85.7% of the 182 patients turned out to just have infections
  • Bedbugs, fleas, irritating plants, and allergies are also frequent culprits behind mistaken spider bites
  • Out of about 40,000 known spider species, only about a dozen are known to be dangerous
  • Benign spiders are frequently mistaken for black widows and brown recluses, and even the genuine individuals are not prone to biting
  • Overall, spiders are helpful creatures that should not be regarded as threats. Think of them as little friends who can give 4 times the hugs!

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