Monday, February 20, 2017

Who runs the world? GIRLS! --> Female Zebra Shark has babies without mating

Asexual reproduction is nothing new, but a shark switching from sexual to asexual reproduction throughout her lifetime certainly is something to question. Leone, a zebra shark living in at the Reef HQ Aquarium in Australia, gave birth to 3 pups in 2016 after being separated from males since 2012. Christine Dudgeon from the University of Queensland conducted a study to test if Leone had been storing sperm for all these years. Using DNA fingerprinting, Dudgeon found that the pups only had cells from mama Leonie- no DNA was found from any other shark. This is the first time scientists have seen this type of asexual reproduction, known as parthenogenesis. Read this Live Science article and read Dudgeon’s paper to better understand why Leonie the Zebra Shark “don’t need no man” in her reproductive life!!

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