Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Time to migrate!

Two weeks ago, animal lovers in UCSB stepped into one of the most exciting season of 2017 because

"It is time for Gray Whale to migrate!!!!!"

                        Collage of pictures of Grey whale breaching off the cost of Santa Barbara, CA. Picture taken 3-29-07(from Wiki )
Indeed, starting at February, gray whale, as well as other marine mammals( whales, dolphins, seals, sea lions and the occasional sea otters) will pass through Santa Barbara Channel to migrate. According to NOAA's Southwest Fisheries, it is the eastern North Pacific population that migrate passing Santa Barbara's channel, and they actually travel 9,300-12,500 miles in total. Is that amazing? 

Interestingly, there is an organization that is doing survey of migrating gray whale who passing Santa Barbara Channel every year. They have been surveying, counting gray whales for years, and built an online log to record migration. They will upload their observation per day to their website, and also you can view history report of the migration. 

Besides, you can choose to read boring words of migration, but you can be one of them to observe by yourself! You can get involved to count gray whales!

click here to see more information. 

BTY, don't expect much to see a gray whale in manz.... I have tried it for a month.....
        but if you see a gray whale from coast of manz, plz tell me.....

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