Friday, February 24, 2017

Press Command-P for a New Layer of Skin

Researchers in Madrid have found a way to print fully functioning human skin from a 3D printer! This new technology will be used to help transplant patients and burn victims, and can be used in the testing of cosmetic and pharmaceutical products. Although the printer is still in the process of being approved, I am incredibly excited about it- this is a huge step in the medical field and so many lives will be saved from this advancement, especially burn victims. The researchers aim to improve the technology and make the printer even more sophisticated, so the printed skin can grow hair, for example. 

Read this short article for a brief summary of how the printer works, or watch the super cool video at the bottom of the page to get a tour of the lab and a verbal explanation of their research (in Spanish!) Want to learn even more?! Click here to read the paper that the article is based off of. 

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