Monday, February 20, 2017

Extinct marine reptile that gave live birth!!!!

*I passed this article around to a couple of you but I thought it might be interesting to everyone*

Baby ‘Sea Monster’ Found Inside Fossil Mother

This article is cool for a couple of reasons. One being that its about a super interesting prehistoric marine reptile with a crazy long neck (which is conveniently depicted in the artist reconstruction painting I have tacked on below. John, that one's for you.) Another being that this 245 million year old marine reptile, which belongs to the same subclass as a number of ancient crocodiles and birds, gave live birth rather than egg birth. Although not the only prehistoric reptile to do so, it is one of few which is really interesting when thinking about the evolutionary pressures and changes that brought marine animals to land and how live birth versus laying eggs could have contributed to that transition.

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