Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Bringing Home Security with You

As I was going through one of those random YouTube surfing ventures, I somehow ended up watching various video clips of different marine organisms doing all sorts of different things to each other. One of these videos I thought was pretty hilarious and thought I'd post about it.

In this video, a hermit crab was shown with sea anemones on its shell. It was walking on the ocean floor and needed to change its shell. The crab found itself a new shell and quickly transferred from its old one to the new one. The surprising part for me was when the video showed the crab dislodging the sea anemones attached to the old shell and reattaching them to the new shell. I found it pretty remarkable how a crab can develop such a specific behavior. It's like the hermit crab is bringing home security with it while it travels through the ocean floor.

This is a really cool example of mutualism and is related to the material we covered during our lectures about the different types of relationships organisms can have with one another. The hermit crab gets protection from predators while the sea anemone gets to eat leftovers from the hermit crab and gets mobility to forage through a larger area for food.

Here is the video link for anyone interested:

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