Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Research Opportunity for Project Baseline

Hello everyone,

In regards to the Project Baseline post earlier, I actually have a research opportunity for you all! Dr. Susan Mazer and her postdoc Heather Schneider are actually a part of Project Baseline. They recruit a lot of students at UCSB every summer to help with the preservation and curation of wild seeds for the Project Baseline evolutionary seed bank. I actually worked in this lab for a bit, but quit in order to make time for another lab, so I can give you a description of the work you would be doing.

Initially, you start off in the lab cleaning seeds and packaging them for about 8 hours a week and attend lab meetings, where you learn more about the project. I believe that Dr. Mazer said that once involved in the project for a while, there would be opportunities to break away from seed cleaning and packaging and do some field work collecting seeds. So, for those who might be interested in the work that Project Baseline does and want to participate, you should shoot them an email. They generally mass recruit during the end of summer, but of course, if you show interest I'm sure they'll be happy to take you in next quarter, as I know many people have dropped the lab this year. They did require an 8 hour/week commitment when I was with them, so take this in account.


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