Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Plant Sexuality???

Hello Bio Bloggers!

During week 7, we talked a bit about anther smut, or plant STDs. Turns out, plants actually have sort form of sexuality.... to the extent that 19th century theologians felt the need to denounce the possibility! That's right, theologians were actually worried about the fact that some scientists found plant STD's.... apparently plant sex doesn't fit with strict biblical definitions. Further web-surfing showed that plant sex is also linked to how well plants can defend themselves. Plants such as the evening Primrose have a better chance of defending themselves against caterpillars if they sexually reproduce! As we know, this is due to gene "re-shuffling" that occurs from sexually reproduction. This is a little sneak peak into what I'll be presenting on tomorrow so stay tuned for more :)

*** Look at the pictures at the bottom of the page showing the step by step process of plant sex

See ya tomorrow!
- Katie

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