Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Bird Species Splits!

Hi everyone!
    As you may remember, for my presentation I talked about the split of the Madeiran Storm-petrel (Oceanodroma castro) into (O. castro) and the Monteiro's Storm-petrel (O. monteiroi). Bird taxonomy is still a huge mess and if you're interested, here is a list of proposed species splits that may occur in the near future when additional evidence is acquired.

And here is eBird's (an awesome citizen science site I use frequently to enter my bird observations) most recent taxonomical update.

    As you see, there are still a bunch and undoubtedly there will be more of these cryptic species to be "discovered".

    In other bird news, spring migration is really starting! Saw my first of season Hooded Oriole the other day, while the Northern Rough-winged Swallow have been steadily moving in. My seawatches from Coal Oil Point have also yielded large numbers of Surf Scoter moving north in addition to Gray Whale (at least 6 of them really close to shore on Tuesday!).

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