Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Don't Stand Under This Tree in a Rainstorm!

In class a while back I mentioned a tree that if stood under during a rainstorm would give you blisters. Here it is: the manchineel tree aka the little apple of death. The link above is to a paper on some of the effects of manchineels that I think you might find intriguing. The link I will include below is to the site where I obtained this beautiful picture, which also has some fantastic information. Some basic information on the plant include the fact that the fruit was used to poison arrows in some Native American tribes; the fruit which looks somewhat like an apple, is known to do some really nasty things to a persons insides; additionally, the sap from this plant can cause severe eye damage and blistering on the skin, which is why standing under it in rain is a bad idea. Read the sources. These plants are incredible.

Photocredit: Manchineel. N.d. Biologypop. Web


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