Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Burgess Shale's Role in Character Design for Cartoon Media

Hey guys!

As the representative art major in the class, I feel a duty to make some connection from our course work to the art world, no matter how tangential it may be.
When John mentioned the Burgess shale fossils, I couldn't help but connect them with creatures- particularly monsters- from movies and games I consumed as a kid. It's great to see media creators with biology experience or interest! There's tons of inspiration to go around.

I've just dug up the first two examples that came to mind. I'm sure there are many more fossil-inspired fictional creatures out there! These are both connected to species found in the Burgess shale mines.

The first is from Pokemon! I'm sure most of us played these games as kids. Though there are several "fossil pokemon," Anorith is clearly designed after Anomalocaris!

The second is a little less recognizable. When I saw Habelia, though, the bumps on its shell in many artists' depictions immediately reminded me of Ohms from Miyazaki's Nausicaa. It does help that the giant arthropods are used as symbols of an ancient, mystical world- not unlike the ocean in the Middle Cambrian period!

It's nice to see fossils and other ancient, unusual creatures outside of Jurassic Park! It shows that even now, many parts of our lives are influenced and affected by the paleontological world. Remember, your work has influence even outside of the STEM sphere!


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Michael Wintermantel said...

I love your post Kate. It is very insightful and may I say FRICKIN AWESOME! I like the novel approach.