Thursday, March 3, 2016

Better Bannanas

Hi guys!

    We were talking in class the other day about several fruits that are all genetic clones of one another. Bananas were brought up, because they have a pretty interesting story of their own. Basically, there was a completely  different variety of banana we used to eat. You know all those banana flavored candies and things we always complain don't taste like real bananas? Yeah, they're all modeled after the old kind, which was by all accounts better than the current one. What happened though was that they were all genetic clones of one another, but a fungal disease called the Panama disease wiped them all out.

It's a little weird to think that there's a fruit that our grandparents have a completely different perception of, because it was an entirely different species. Granted, we risk the exact same thing happening today, so maybe our grandchildren will be munching on a vastly different kind of banana than we have.


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