Friday, February 26, 2016

Great Marine Pocket Field Guides

Hi Guys,

Have you ever gone to a beach or gone diving, seen a really cool fish, invertebrate, or algae species, and wanted to learn more about them? The lab I work in, The Santa Barbara Coastal Long Term Ecological Research Group, helped developed a free App that works as a pocket field guide for over 150 species of algae, fish, and other little critters that can be found in our local marine ecosystems, mainly our beautiful kelp forests. Right now it's only available for iphones, but they're working on ipad and android versions. It can be found under "California kelp forest".

There is also a tide pool version that is available for all phones called "California tide pools".
I thought these could be a nice tool to have for anyone that enjoys diving or exploring tide pools, so that you can learn more about the cool little critters you find.


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