Thursday, February 18, 2016

Cockroach Robot?

So, as you guys know, cockroaches are biologically extremely interesting.  They can withstand pressures up to 900 times their body weight and can compact their exoskeleton, allowing them to squeeze through the tightest of crevices at relatively high speeds.

A group of scientists at UC Berkeley have been studying cockroaches for the past few decades, and recently created a robot based on the movements of the cockroach, calling it the compressible robot with articulated mechanisms, or CRAM.  CRAM can be used to get into tight crevices, allowing search and rescue teams to locate where survivors are in masses of rubble much more efficiently than previously.  CRAM is currently just a prototype, but the possibilities are numerous.

Who would've thought that cockroaches could actually be good for something?

Here's more information on this cool robot:
*warning: don't watch the video linked on this article if you can't stand cockroaches.

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