Sunday, May 31, 2015

HIV and Vaccines

It seems like every week there is some news about an HIV vaccine. There was back in January 1, February with 123,  April that had 123, 4,  May has had 123. There are probably many more that can be found outside of a quick search, but the point is that an HIV vaccine has become one of those science topics that is easy to make a story out of. There are always vaccines in development (even a crowdfunded one) and a vaccine against HIV is something the world needs, so it makes sense that these articles are always being written and read. But like the mouse that has been cured of Alzheimer's you have to wonder if these articles help the public understand anything other than a vaccine is under development. It's interesting to look at science news and how it's presented to the public.

Talking heads - 3minutes (2009)

Ted talk - 20 minutes (2013)

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