Friday, April 3, 2015

Bower Birds

I can imagine that bower birds are a behavioral ecologist's dream. Though these birds generally not the flashiest looking (there are 20 species), they are known for their courtship display, in the form of elaborate nests, or bowers. The following videos show different species of bowerbirds, each with its own variation of courtship.

Warning: mating does occur in these videos, please watch at your own discretion  

BBC David Attenborough:

BBC Vogelkop Bowerbird:
National Geographic World's Weirdest:

I also found a National Geopgraphic article (Trivedi, 2004) that talked about how female satin bowerbirds have complex taste in mates and use different criteria to choose a mate depending on their age. More naïve bowerbirds are easily attracted by colorful displays, while older bowerbirds depend on the mating routine itself. Of course, the best males will get it all...
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