Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Arts and Lectures Michael Pollan

On the subject of communities and their resources, this Thursday the 30th Michael Pollan is speaking at the the Granada Theatre on State St. He has written multiple books about topics like the sustainability of our food supply chain. The talk is being co presented with doctors from Sansum Clinic and Cancer Foundation of Santa Barbara so it should touch on multiple topics. For people who were interested in ecological communities and resource allocation, he is well known for talking about the food supply chain and the sustainability of our food sources. The talk is at 8pm and tickets are 19$. If live talks aren't your thing, here are a couple videos of him speaking about food production, in varying times depending on what you have patience for.
Animation of one of his talks (2012) 5 minutes

Ted talk (2008) 18 minutes
Edible Education 101 lecture (UC Berkeley) (Feb. 6th 2015) 1 hour 41 minutes

With the increasing global population, feeding the world in the future is going to depend on efficient food production and distribution. This kind of food sustainability will matter more than ever if we reach the human population carrying capacity, currently unknown but estimated many times.

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