Thursday, March 12, 2015

RNA World Hypothesis

As I talked about in class, research from The Scripps Research Institute shows that a cross-chiral ribozyme was developed in Joyce Laboratory in a test tube mimicking natural evolution, which might be key in origination of life. In the article, they describe that RNA has a propensity to attach to other RNA so scientist needed an enzyme that would prevent the RNA from binding to other RNA–making the mirror image of the RNA strand. In the experiment, the scientist put 83 nucleotides on the ribozyme, which successfully made a left handed RNA strand from the original right handed RNA. Currently, the scientists are trying to create a ribozyme that does not need any nucleotides for replication. If this happens, then the RNA world hypothesis can be proved.

I read the article on Science Daily originally, but here is the more detailed version of the article on Nature.

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