Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dogs Detecting Cancer

After we talked about these dogs that can detect cancer in class, I was really curious to see how these dogs were trained and if this was actually being used in any sort of medical field. When you google dogs detecting cancer, theres a whole website that comes up that is a non-profit org trying to get dog cancer detection to be approved. And theres some amazing (and adorable) videos of puppies actually detecting cancer in some tests. Also, I looked up how to train a dog to sniff out different things, this eHow article uses illegal drugs, but we're ccs so I think we could figure out how to train them to sniff out diseases instead!

non-profit website about canine cancer detection:
how to train your dog:

Dogs can also smell low blood sugar. There are trained dogs that live with individuals who have type I diabetes that can detect from a particular scent in human breath that indicates low blood sugar. Puppies are so cool.

diabetes assist dogs:

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