Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Bird of prey vision

I know this is a wiki article so take the information with a grain of salt but you can verify aspects with a more in depth search if you need to.


High density of receptors and four types of receptors.  The article also discusses the differences in sight (ex retinal structure) between diurnal, nocturnal, and water birds.

I found mixed results on whether hawks were farsighted.  Some sights (not supported by research papers though) said they can refocus much faster than we can.


There was another statement about refocusing when entering water too that was supported by research.

Strod, Arad, Izhaki and Katzir, “Cormorants keep their power: visual resolution in a pursuit-diving bird under amphibious and turbid conditions,” Current Biology, Vol 14, R376-R377, 25 May 2004. 

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