Saturday, May 31, 2014

Stupid Juice Diets

I brought this up in class, but I thought I'd go more into detail about the ridiculousness of the "cleansing" juice the people at the farmer's market tried to sell me. They claimed it would make my body more alkaline and oxygenate my blood therefore getting rid of bacteria, which is complete nonsense. Despite the erroneous nature of these claims in the firs place, we need that bacteria just as much as it needs us. In researching the new craze of "cold pressing" juice, no one could really confirm the supposed health benefits of juice diets and juice cleanses other than the fact that it will make you lose weight, which is pretty obvious when you're on a liquid diet. Oh, and you gain that lost water weight back when you start eating food again. Some good points were brought up in the following articles, including the lack of fiber, protein, and fat in juice diets, all of which are necessary for a properly functioning body.

This article talks about the juice industry from an economic perspective:

This article talks about the ridiculousness of juice diets:

And here is the website for the juice company that I had the "pleasure" of interacting with:

Oh, and the juice tasted disgusting too.

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