Thursday, March 13, 2014

Summer Course Resources

In case some are interested in getting some coursework done over summer as a fallback if any research opportunities are not available, I highly recommend looking up the UC Extensions program. It's similar to community college courses but offers somewhat more advanced courses as well as some specialized ones which may coincide directly with your research interests. Some are a bit more expensive than normal community college courses but many I think are cheaper than taking classes at the UC directly. Also, transferring the credits through them is a breeze obviously. I recommend checking them out. Some might be in your area, as they are not always directly within the corresponding city.

If you don't care about getting the 'official credit' as much but want some very handy extra learning through your summer, if you don't know about Coursera it is a great tool. You can enroll online for courses offered at universities throughout the world and do the work and the tests alongside the class for free. At the end you get a certificate verifying you have completed this class. While it is not as official as the UC course it is a good tool to force yourself onto another academic schedule that is more flexible and less stressful. Hope this helps!

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