Tuesday, March 11, 2014

River Otters

When we hear about otters, we almost instinctively think how adorable and innocent looking they are. But if seen in the wild and hungry, those adorable eyes could be intent on catching their prey. Like catching an alligator for lunch. Typically, when we think of alligators versus river otters we would tend to associate the larger, more rugged animal with being the higher predator; however, that it not necessarily the case here. As said in the article, most otters are close to top predators in their area. Take a look at the article to read about how the otter actually kills the alligator with additional pictures of the attack.
Next time you're in otter territory, be cautious, because they're feisty when hungry. And apparently running onto land does not mean you're safe. Keep in mind otter attacks are rare, but do happen. Here is a report of a teen being chased by an otter on land and being bitten. If you're interested on how fast an otter can run, conveniently there's a paper on that: Running energetics of the North American river otter: do short legs necessarily reduce efficiency on land? You can find it on Web of Science.

To end on a cute note, watch this man cuddle with two otters here.

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