Sunday, March 16, 2014

Plastic surgery is a breeding ground for bacteria?

I noticed that many of the presentations on Thursday had to do with bacteria. Therefore, I felt this was fitting and quite interesting.

A side effect of cosmetic surgery (specifically fillers used for lip injections) that is becoming increasingly popular is the development of lumps or lesions around the sight of injection. With this being the second most common cosmetic procedure, this is quite a relevant topic for discussion. Many doctors previously blamed this on an allergic reaction that the patient had to the hyaluronic acid based fillers. What doctors are now finding is that the lesions are formed due to bacterial growth in the sight of injection. What's more is that the gel that is used in the actual filler encourages bacterial growth; they act as incubators and are very susceptible to infection. These lesions are very hard to treat with antibiotics.

When doctors previously thought that the infection was due to allergic reaction, they treated the patients with steroids, which give the bacteria free rein to grow. This treatment proved to be ineffective and seemed to be doing more damage than good. What they have found the most affective precaution to take in order to treat patients is to inject the sight where filler is being injected with prophylactic antibiotics simultaneously.

So the next time you're thinking about getting your lips done, proceed with caution! :)

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