Thursday, June 6, 2013

Yoga Makes You Smarter!

Its a little off topic, but I stumbled across this article and I thought I could relate it to our discussion of the brain on Tuesday. The University of Illinois recently did a study that tested subjects on their memory and mental control after a 20 minute yoga session and after a 20 minute cardio session. They were surprised to find that subjects performed significantly better after the yoga session than the cardio session. So here's to even more reasons to take some time every day to relax, stretch, and do something good for your body! Here's the citation for the article; its a pdf so you'll have to download it off google scholar but its definitely worth reading!

Gothe N, Pontefex MB, Hillman C, McAuley E. The Acute Effects of Yoga on Executive Function. Journal of Physical Activity & Health, 2013

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