Saturday, May 4, 2013

Wildfire In Ventura

As most of you have probably already heard, there has been a raging wildfire in Ventura County for the past two days. Approximately 2,800 acres have been burned, and 4,000 homes threatened. The Santa Ana winds have encouraged the spread of fire, but forcasted precipitation and cool ocean winds could help get fire under control. Officials are calling it Springs Fire, because it is starting before the normal fire season which normally begins in late summer. Reports say that this one is one of more than 680 wildfires in California so far this year, which is about 200 more than average. CNN meteorologist Chad Myers states that mountain chaparral and shrubs are dry because Los Angeles has received only half of its normal rainfall the past two years. Before people were settled in this area, these wildfires would have raged uncontrollably; however, now that humans live in these regions, fires are being suppressed, perhaps causing the ones that start to be more drastic.

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