Monday, January 21, 2013


Given the poor quality of much science reporting in the mainstream media I shouldn't complain but I can't quite tell whether this article from the Guardian newspaper is making more fun of sloths or the people that study them.

Sloths simply can't get away from scientists -
They have studied their locomotion, snoozing patterns, social lives, appetite and hair. Yes, scientists are fascinated by sloths.

At least they link to the primary research articles. Some of these look quite interesting.

Three-Dimensional Kinematic Analysis of the Pectoral Girdle During Upside-Down Locomotion of Two-Toed Sloths

Use of hands and feet of two-toed sloths during climbing and terrestrial locomotion
and the follow up paper
Use of hands and feet of three-toed sloths during climbing and terrestrial locomotion.

Disgusting appetite: Two-toed sloths feeding in human latrines.
I wish I hadn't clicked on that one. It's got pictures.

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